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fire wood


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Now to me wood is wood , you put it in the fire and it burns ................[blink]

Not to my hubby....... Not only does he want me to go to hell and back just askng for firewood to be brought and delivered, he wants me to ask, what grows locally to carcassonne , and what type of wood he sells. So Im getting my list together of possible replies now I have

Chêne =oak

Marron = chestnut ( or is that just the nut is the tree another name?)

Ash = ?

fir/ pine =  ?

Do you know of any others local he might sell ? 

I know it comes in stere's ,but the size they cut it does it have names [8-)] or do you just say 12 inches ect....... or should I say 36cm ????[blink]

PS What type of wood is it? = Quel genre (or.. sorte) de bois est-il ?   

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ash = frene

beech = hetre

birch = bouleau

hornbeam = charme

chestnut = chataigner

oak = chene

walnut = noyer

box = buis

hazelnut = noisetier

holly = houx

fir = sapin

pine = pin

linden = tilleul

bouleu = birch


What type of wood is it? = C'est quoi comme bois?

Where I am, people sell by the stère (1m high x 1m wide x 1m long) or by the cane (= 4 stères).

Ask them how long it is (30, 40 or 50cm) as you may need to cut it to fit inside your wood burner: il est en quelle longueur?

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Can't remember how much we last paid, but chestnut, whilst excellent for heat, is very, very sparky. We only use it in the woodburners as we haven't time to watch it constantly on the open fires. The odd mix up has had us shooting after burning embers which have shot a metre from the open fire...................



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[quote user="trees"]

I've just paid a local fatrmer €50 delivered for 2.5 cu m of mostly chestnut. He was most apologetic that he had no oak, so sold me this cheap?


That's incredibly cheap compared to here. I pay between 50 and 60 euros a cu m as the wood has to be transported a long way and that wacks the price up. No wood round here - I think most of ours comes from the Ardeche.

I augment our stocks, when I have time to fetch it, with a few trailers full of vine wood every year - loads of vines being ripped up down here with the latest European incentives now in place.

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