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INSEE, the french govt.'s statistics department, published a book in 2005: Les Immigrés en France. Cost 15€ .Probably based on the last census rsults. Sounds as if it might have the information you're looking for. Look on Google under Insee demographie.
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[quote user="Bannon"] Strange - the info must be out there somewhere. Hmm [/quote]

I can understand you wanting to know but why do you feel so sure the information must be out there?

On another thread a few days ago someone (sorry, can't remember who now) made what I thought was a sweeping statement about where Brits live but couldn't come up with any facts to support it.

Any way, best of luck in your search as I agree it would be interesting to know.

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As far as I can see, this information is available, but only on a region by region basis, and not for all regions.  The INSEE data for this seems to be available for each region, but not every region breaks down European member states into individual countries. The links to each region's data are here http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/D%C3%A9mographie_des_r%C3%A9gions_de_France

For Midi-Pyrenees, for example, in 1999 there were 6,307 "britanniques" living in the region, part of a total of 100,474 foreigners, and 2,452,222 French.

You could, like me, try searching using the keywords

"Répartition de la population étrangère" AND britannique OR royaume-uni

but there's not a lot out there, believe me [:(]

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Not hard numbers, but useful comparatives from the Total France site. They have 9,700 forum members (this is only a small percentage of the number of UK ressortissants and very heavily skewed to those with time on their hands, primarily due to retirement, to post on a forum - emphasised by the fact that they only have 199 members in Paris & Seine et Marne combined).

By region:

2112 Poitou-Charentes

1422 Limousin

1125 Aquitaine (including 685 in Dordogneshire)

 874 Bretagne

 771 Midi-Pyrénées

 603 Loire

 547 Languedoc-Roussillon


By département:

818 Charente

719 Haute Vienne

685 Dordogne

512 Creuse

507 Deux-Sèvres

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