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quote woolybanana'sbrother  >>>  Imagine the consequences if France wins with a song sung in English....   <<<


[:-))]   oooolala ! sûrement pas de Légion d'Honneur et déportation au bagne de Cayenne si Chirac était encore président quant à  Mitterand il est en train de tournolicoter dans son cercueil  [8-)]  

Nul point de toute façon, aucune chance !!!



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Well the UK came bottom - what a surprise.  But English came 1st, 2nd and 3rd,  i.e. the top 3 songs were all sung in English so we won in a roundabout way.  [Www]

The French commentators were driving me mad - there were two of them - because they spoke over everything, principally because everything was being said in English.

When it came to the voting, only two countries gave the scores in another language to English - France and Andorra.

Whenever the United Kingdom were mentioned, the commentators translated it as Angleterre, by the way.  They also complained that les anglais never vote for France. Have the French ever voted for the UK?

Well, the Eurovision goes to show how unpopular we are.  Presumably because of Iraq?  Because of our alliance with the United States?  Because we do everything differently - drive on the left, weighing and measuring, the pound?  But also because they all have to speak English, perhaps?  Mmmm....

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 I don't think it's anything to do with Iraq, its political voting in the way that Eastern Bloc countries vote for each other, the Nordic countries vote for each other, Turkey, Greece and Cyprus vote for each other etc. There was a chart on the BBC web site about it - we never stood a chance.

For a moment I thought Terry was going to resign from Eurovision......

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Apologies for putting Tony instead of Terry,I must have been thinking of the other monotonous Tone,as in Blair, at the time. Reading Teletext this morning,I couldn't bring myself to suffer the show, I see that altough UK were joint last that some good will come out of it.Terry is not doing any more!!! Perhaps the vote is a reflection on his quips as the audience have to suffer them ALL the way through the show. I think Paul Merton should be a contender for Compere next year,


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