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Have you failed in France


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my watch cost me 5 euros from our local market

works perfectly but i will probably treat myself to a new one in a different colour next summer (choice!)

did have a bit of a scare yesterday - jumped in the pool and forgot to take it off first.

it stopped but restarted during the night once it had dried out so all is well.

more money than sense some people.
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Having worked on the railway for 34+ years, Chris is dying to throw his watch away!

The company have just given him a Blackberry - which of course he can't operate because he still aims to be the last computer literate person in the world. They say he needs one to be kept up to date with the track information, so, like the watch come retirement they are both going back!

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This is a difficult one.  Generally I dont care about stuff but I do have a couple of luxury items.

I define luxury as something which works no better than something a lot cheaper but somehow makes you feel good.  I have 3 luxury items I can think of, a watch (not Rolex but another "name"), a fountain pen and a shaving set. Certain other things I do believe you get what you pay for so I tend to spend quite a bit on decent shoes but I am 18 stone, give then a hell of a battering and expect them to last for years. (I only own 5 pairs of shoes in total so they have to be multi functional as well).

I love nice watches, got the love from my father, and have bought "name" watches for each of my 3 sons as a 21st birthday present.

My father has named 8 watches in his will, all left to me.  Its a bit of an in joke because only he and I know which is the only one that is real and not purchased from Penang for $3. To be honest I'm half hoping it turns out to be the other way round with only one fake but not holding my breath.

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