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La poste Posting CDs & DVDs

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I see La Poste have introduced a special cheaper tariff for things such a DVDs and CDs supposed to benefit  Ebayers etc.

This is to overcome the problems caused when they introduced the rule forcing" things" rather than letters to go by Colissimo.

Mind you 1.50 euros for 1 DVD is hardly a bargain!

You must attach a special label MiniMax


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The rule about using colissimo for small stuff was illegal as they do not have the right to ask what is in an envelope except if it is illegal. I had a row with them a couple of years ago and did some research on it which I will try to find again.

Books also have a special cheap rate that they don't mention too much as most of the staff don't know about it. This was mentioned on one of the forums recently

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The rule about using colissimo for small stuff was illegal

If their conditions were illegal, why did the regulator feel obliged to go via this route, making them introduce a special tariff under threat of withholding price increases for Colissimo, rather than just telling them to obey the law?


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[quote user="Clair"][quote user="woolybanana"]Here is the book one, at least:


Wooly, this page is for businesses, isn't it?

It says Entreprise at the top.


Not necessarily I assume, since I post all my stuff from the local " centre de tri" and that says " entreprises" on the door, but anyone can get in and post anything.

Why? Dunno...weird..  Will ask them next time.

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The problem centres around whether the Post have the right to ask what is in the envelope or open it which they do not have the right to do. So, if not told, they cannot know and cannot assume. I had some trouble and an almighty row about it when I was sending my book round France and to UK. Even if the envelope is a padded one, they dont have the right to assume this either, and if the weight falls within the limits for letters then it can go that way.

I protocopied the relevant information and took it in to the headman. (I'll find it later but it is on the other computer)

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I am surprised by this posting as I have sent  dvds to both France & the UK with no problem.

I just pop them into a small padded bag & ask for them to go "normale".

So far, no-one has even questioned what is in the package & I can usually send a dvd in its case for around  Eur1.20

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I think the problem is that like many utilities gradually facing up to rising costs and competition La Poste was looking for ways of increasing it's income.

So it came up with this idea of forcing anything other than letters to use the parcels service.

Irrespective of whether or not it was legal to do this , they ignored one major problem.

How to enforce it, especially if many of the counter staff probably thought it to be a daft idea anyway.

So in practice it has been very easy to ignore the rule, unless you happen to encounter a counter person whop is a stickler for the rules.

Once a package is in the post it's going to be even harder to enforce, short of the delivery person waiting to see the letter opened and collecting a surcharge at the delivery end.

I did think of designing a letter bending machine and seeing if I could interest La Poste. The idea would be to bend each item to 90 degrees% , anything fragile would break, but there would be no right to compensation, as the goods shouldn't have been there in the first place!

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