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Restaurant Tourlaville/Cherbourg

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Does anyone know anywhere good for lunches (or perhaps dinner) on the Tourlaville side of Cherbourg or on the southern side?  We are meeting with French friends - a couple who live at Tourlavile and a couple who live near Caen who will come up there to join us.  I'd like to take them to a restaurant - good food at reasonable prices - bearing in mind that one of them used to be a chef in the French Navy and also used to own his own restaurant.  Although his tastes are quite simple - he really appreciated a Beef Cobbler I prepared on the only occasion I have had to entertain them.  We have been their guests so many times, but seldom managed to receive them as our guests because when they have seldom visited England, and when they did they tended to stay with relatives (French/British war weddings).  We've visited them many times, but it's always been a problem to find an opportunity to return their hospitality.  So I really would like to take them out for a meal, especially since one was a bridesmaid at our wedding and the other was a guest - 30 years ago.
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