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M&S free international delivery offer

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Special offer free delivery to France on order of £80.00 or more . Good time to rally round!

I am on holiday in Cornwall and have just done a mighty shop in M&S for trousers that fit! I am not a French shape so have had to wait for a UK visit. Writing as I watch the sea in Newlyn Harbour - back home on Monday in France . Forgotten now the worry of income tax forms until its due, groanThe Milkey bar kids! off to get our bucket and spades.
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Exceptionally good value 100% cashmere sweaters for men £47.  I bought one in M&S in Guernsey the other day. Buy 2!

I have been very impressed by the way the major British retailers have swiftly adapted to the recession and turned it into an opportunity.  If Britain comes our of recession earlier than expected it will be thanks to well-managed, strong and adaptable businesses like these rather than anything the government has done.


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