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Happy Birthday, Brigitte


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Yesterday was Brigitte Bardot's 75th birthday.  I would like to wish her a very happy day and many more of them. 

Throughout my teenage years she gave me a lot of pleasure.  Her picture was always pinned up somewhere in my room, my study or my locker.  You can keep your Jean Shrimptons and Susannah Yorks, even Raquel Welch never had the exotic impact of BB for me (though she did deserve her own place in my gallery (for her furry animal skin bikini pose)  

Happy Birthday Brigitte.  I wish we weren't both so old.  I suppose I can give up hoping for a position as your toyboy now?


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Though being a woman, I completely agree with you , Patrick.

I ve often said BB , when young, was one of the most beautiful women I ve ever seen.

Here in France, in the 60s ,she was seen as a bit " scandalous" for appearing in the nude in " et Dieu créa la femme " , [:)]



Another video for you Patrick [:)] , the soundtrack is a song by Serge Gainsbourg, called " Initials BB " , a song he dedicated to her.


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