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buying online in an internet cafe


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Personally, I would not do this.

If you are connecting on your own PC via wifi then it is possible that whatever you are broadcasting can be picked up by others. Google 'packet sniffing'.

If you are (more likely) using the internet cafe's PC then I would definitly not do it as you have no control over how they are set up and it is certainly possible for all your info to be retained. This will include your bank card details.

more discussion here



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anything and everything you do in an internet cafe is/or can be visible to the operator.

I certainly would not be entering any credit card details, I dont even like having to log in to check email on the rare occassion it is neccessary.

Internet cafes are not safe places to be inputting passwords or bank details.
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Actually this is the one time when I would do it.

On the RA site you have a choice of how you bring the booking up, one of which is the booking reference and flight details.  Yes you have to enter your passport details but unless someond pysically has that in their possesion, the information is pretty usless to them


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[quote user="bubbles"]well, we have a computer here (on holiday) but no printer. we will need to print off our on-line checkin pages for our Ryanair flight. is this safe at an internet cafe? or should we go and beg from a neighbour.[/quote]

As it does not involve you typing in any credit card details plus the ticket is unique to you and you must have proof of identity before you get on the plane I would say its safe. If somebody did spot your code and type it in all they could do is print another ticket which wouldn't be much good to them because its in your name. Also, I have had quite a few guests who have used the local Internet Cafe to do exactly what you want to do without problems. However actually using a credit card to buy something over the Internet is a no, no, as far as Internet Cafes are concerned, just do risky.

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1) Set up a mickey mouse Hotmail or  Yahoo account (Other generic providers available!) using an odd spelling of your name ie if you r name was Smith change it to Smuth

2) copy the document into word making sure you blank out any card details and the middle line and postcode of your address if shown

3) Mail the document to [email protected] or whatever the new account is called.

4) Go to Internet cafe and print the attachment

5)Cancel the mail account (Cant be rekindled as name taken

6)Look out in your inbox for anything relating to Mr or Mrs Smuth and take this as a pointer


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