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Heating Oil Ripoff


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Just checked with the company and they confirm the price is correct.

Fioul Domestique   1,271 litres

P.U. TTC = 724.00/1000 L

P.U. HT   = 605.35/1000L

The presume that TTC is the unit price including TVA and the HT unit price is excluding TVA

The totals are shown as

€ HT    = 769.40

€ TVA = 150.80

Total    = 920.20

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[quote user="Sunday Driver"]Pointless comparing prices with the UK because that's what I have to pay living here.......[;-)] [/quote]

Correct, as always 'old wise one' [Www] It was just a comment from Mrs B that got me looking.

We will be warm shortly [:)] and its trying to snow again. [:(]


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Perhaps I should bring back all my "empties", filled with this stuff in the UK. Hopefully those nice customs people won't notice/mind at the ferry terminal. Will make a change for a tranny filled with bottles to be going in the other direction.

Could this be to the answer for all those people asking about how to make a living in France?

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