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Hi Chris, I always thought all those baddies that you mentioned plus, some others  ,were part of the life-blood of  the forum .

The banter used to flow night after night . I found it invigorating and fun.


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Dont we all dear [6]

Actually so do I but am reluctant to say so after saying that I was feeling cocky recently!

I miss Ron although he did give me some gratuitous abuse on another forum recently he was a shadow of his former self and it wasnt worthy of him, I think he has been lobotomised like Jack Nicholson in one flew over the cuckoos nest.

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I had a lot of time for Dick Smith (I think it was Smith) we crossed swords once but by and large I respected what he had to say (Trouble is, being a teacher he wanted to be right all the time but being human, he wasn't, that's why we crossed swords! :-) )
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[quote user="Chris Head"]Yeah we had alot of fun then! I forgot how many times I got banned!!! I just hope everyone is well and enjoying life.

Oh, yes, Chris, I remember I got you banned once (but I did PM to apologise).

It was after you said something racist about the Welsh and also sexist about me being a woman![:D][:P]

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I don't remember that Sweet...there were many and varied reasons why I got banned! I think Dick was one of them too, but I can't wait to meet the old fart now! A good bloke, but as John said, a teacher...I think he might have recovered by now? As for taking the pee out of the Welsh, I can't think of any other nationality that merits it more! And women??? I have an alternative HRT treatment for women...it's called Hormone REMOVAL Therapy, remove all the hormones from woman then they become a little more reasonable and more like human beings?!
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Why is that then, were they multiple recidivists?

The reason that I ask is that Chris Head often jokes about being banned a record number of times which puzzles me as when I read the forum code of conduct it said that only one warning would be given followed by a lifelong ban.

I think the code is completely reasonable and makes for a good forum, and whilst I am pleased that Mr Head can still use this forum I do remember several of his postings which no doubt resulted in what I can only assume now to be a temporary ban.

Yet other people from whom I never saw any hint of insults or personal attacks in their postings are no longer at liberty to post here for good reason.

Not trying to stir things up, just curious, and dont worry I dont intend trying out the diciplinary system [;-)] 

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