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Do Lizards chew wire???????


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Currently residing in SW France

Recently have had to replace 4 light fittings in upstairs rooms which appear to have been chewed through!

After only 1 month-same has happened to landing light.

String of dragon fly lights on tree in garden has suffered same fate!

Am baffled-attic recently renovated( ie 6yrs ago), into rooms therefore very little roof space left.

No noises or smells whilst I've been here for last 8 weeks.

Any ideas anyone please??
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Thankyou Andy and Jimmy! I thought I may have heard mice if they were the culprit.

Bit flummoxed bout the dragonflie lights hanging from the tree-that only happened when I was in Uk for 3 weeks-that's why I thought possibly lizards!

Not sure what to do about it now!!
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