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Drug dealers


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Enough with the sexist comments, Gluey, they are beneath you.

Thanks to airbags, decent brakes and tyres and modern technology, I am still on the planet.  Some may not consider this to be a good thing, of course!

Funny how many people think they are good drivers, isn't it?  Anybody on this forum willing to admit they're lousy?

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It wasn't intended to be sexist for a moment, JE.

It's sadly a new phenomenon in this part of UK: Girlie Racers (GR) are the new terror around here: the Hot Hatch Boy Racers problem seems to have died down a bit: probably by Darwinian Selection - they've all killed themselves.

GR can regularly be seen chatting on their mobile as they steer one-handed around roundabouts, or 90 deg corners, with a fag clipped between the fingers of one hand, flicking their hair, whilst looking in the rear view mirror at their hair: and in pairs are truly lethal, as they may be seen bouncing up and down, together, singing along to the -over-loud - stereo, replete with "Clubbing" body movements, completely oblivious, for example, to the ambulance or fire-engine 's siren and flashing blue lights as it sits right behind them, desperate to overtake.

I kid you not.

An extension of the Ladette cultural thing. They are, I can only conclude, over-competitive.

My son is lucky not to have been seriously injured: as was luckily, the elderly driver he used to employ,  who was in the passenger seat, when a Girly Racer tried to undertake him on an arterial road two years ago: she was joining from the left, came through the acceleration lane and surged in front; to immediately "Loose it", span round and hit the central reservation, bursting both front tyres and he smashed into the side of her car. At nearly 70 MPH.

His vehicle was a total write off.

We only finished the court case 6 months back or so.

Another chum suffered exactly the same experience.

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[quote user="woolybanana"]

I have taken someone through the withdrawal from heroin and can see no solution without taking out the significant dealers at the end of a rope!


As a deal requires both a buyer and a seller that suggested solution would kill several birds with just 1 stone, if you will pardon the mixed metaphors.


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That would be "spun" round, Gluey!  (Sorry - that is beneath me -especially as I cannot spell for toffee!)

I have watched guys undertake; I have watched them lose control of their cars - there are idiot drivers of both sexes even now - and apart from the make-up bit (for which you could substitute any other activity that guys get up to whilst driving,like answering their phones or changing the CD), the faults are pretty much interchageable.  I am willing to accept that some women these days may be more agressive drivers than once they were but that's just a manifestation of the fight against sexism.  You begin by trying to be one of the lads and as you mature, hopefully, you realise that it's about being free of categorising people because of their sex, not about trying to be just like a bloke.  But the continued use of daft generalisations about the sexes just perpetuates this kind of behaviour - it doesn't help educate young women - it just reinforces their beliefs about men.

I'm trying to get off this and back onto the topic of drugs but I keep being wound up![:D]


Drugs were available to me when I was a teenager and when I lived in Malta there was a widespread drug culture, and some of my close friends took them, but not me.  I did smoke though.    My o/h took LSD once and thought the experience far too average for him to spend his money on it again.  I've never been interested in taking drugs although I've been offered pot on many occasions. 

I can understand why somebody who has had to deal with a drug addiction feels very strongly about the subject.  I guess the families of alcoholics feel the same way about booze.  The families of smokers take tobacco companies to court probably out of the same sort of anger (and not a little greed.)  However, if we "hang" all drug dealers, more will just pop out of the woodwork, thus I'm not convinced that this is a long term solution which would work.  More interesting, imo, is analysing why it is that some people can resist these things and others cannot.  How come I can have a drink on a regular basis but the moment I'm alone at home I don't touch alcolhol at all - whereas others can't stop, even to save their lives?  In that way at any rate, I think the subjects of drugs, booze and fags, are related.  I'll be called a liberal again, I know, but we need to tackle the disease, not the symptoms.

Free love now, that is much more fun and - with proper precautions - a good deal safer!

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JE wrote:

[quote]That would be "spun" round, Gluey!  (Sorry - that is beneath me -especially as I cannot spell for toffee!)[/quote]

According to my copy of the Oxford English dictionary " Spun" is the Past Participle and properly used in Compound verb forms; whereas "Span" is the past, or if you like historic tense.

And, I was recounting the event in the Past Tense. Not being a modern vogue historian! Why do they do that?

"King Richard is looking at the court............."

No he's not! He's bloody dead! [:D] (It's Friday).

So [:P]



[quote]However, if we "hang" all drug dealers...........[/quote]

Wot: like decent beef?


 I do believe that ought properly to have been "Hanged".

Funny old language, innit.

Problem is, JE, you and I cannot "Measure"!


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My o/h moans at me when I (or anybody else) says "span" when they are using the past participle of the verb to spin.  I'll now tell him it's an archaic use of the verb,  he will just love that!

Wooly B - good idea (are bullets cheaper than rope?) - might not be a good idea but at least we know that once dead, they have been shot! (Shooted?)

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[quote user="Théière"]

[quote user="woolybanana"]No, reference to these is just a way of turning the discussion away from heroin, cocaine and pot;[/quote]

Entirely based on your point of view, some people are addicted to shopping others alcohol, cigarettes and others drugs. These people are just weak willed so we should help them with their addiction.


Make drugs free (supplied by governments). Maybe the dealers will disappear and society could then help wean addicts off drugs (even if "tough love" is used viz. locking up addicts as they "sweat it out.")

Yeah-I know but you might as well get it off your chest(s)[6]

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