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another collection of photos...


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I went back and had a look at the photographers comments on the book... for those of you that didn't see it... he says

Another Country is the first book of photographs devoted to the British

in France. In the footsteps of Walker Evans, Rip Hopkins' 68 portraits

provide a record that is both personal and objective, showing the real

and imaginary world of British expats in France.  The photographs

reveal aspects of British identity which is embedded within a culture of

imagination and relates intimately to all the arts. In the past this

has only been suggested, but rarely seen.

it also says...

A story of the British living in France through portraits of British

expatriate families in the Dordogne region. Having himself abandoned the

UK, Rip Hopkins re-examines his roots and his passionate relationship

with France. Antony Mair, a British settler in the Dordogne considers

what it means for him and others to be expatriates, while Pauline de La

Boulaye, a French national sets out her view of the British, the

photographer and the present time.  These different accounts raise

questions of identity and of belonging to a country, real or imaginary,

in the context of a society adapting to globalisation. Disturbing and

surreal, Rip Hopkins' photographs resonate at the deepest levels of our


I do keep going back to look at the photos... but I still find it hard to spend long looking at them... I think they do all look quite sad, maybe it's the blank facial expressions that make it difficult?  Also, I'm not sure if they capture what was intended.  I certainly have looked at them and I can see how they are thought provoking... but not sure they reflect the British in France?  Are they really meant to be fun?  I'm not sure? 

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Love 'em or hate 'em.


You have to admit that the pictures have raised a great deal of debate - and I guess that is what the photographer wanted.


Is it art?  Time will tell.


Do I like them?   Well I have to admit, yes I do.  Like others I find some bizare and others disturbing, but as a whole they are fun.

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