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Electricity bills

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[quote user="woolybanana"]Out of interest, what sort of numbers are you seeing on your bi-monthly electricity bills? My last one was €59.23 and I was wondering if this was highish or not.[/quote]

The last bills were 130€ for the house and 16€ for the inhabited gite.

In summer, I expect to pay around 70€ and 45€.

I keep a tally of the units and they're pretty much in line with previous years, if I include the extra items we are using, so I reckon the difference in cost is caused mainly by the price hikes.

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I used to pay 120€ a month in an average size house for gas and electricity. Dishwasher, washer and clothes drier on every day, well the drier only in winter. We did have EJP though and all white goods were used on reduced tarif on red days. The gas heating was good, did our water and we kept the house warm, sometimes very warm via radiators in cold alpine winters.
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