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hi ok

              I have just been listening to BBC 4 news, Patrick  Moore  claims that there will be a planetary azimuth at 9.47am Friday with 8 planets in a straight line with Earth, it will cause a Fall  in gravity of up to 35-40 %,  he claims if you jump at exactly 9.47 am you should feel a strange weightlessness feeling for a few seconds . The last time this happened was is 1864 when penguins were actually filmed flying at the North pole .

 Flying penguins April Fools' story


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so you will be jumping up and down with those other april fools !

Even a temporary change in gravity would be catastrophic, and is also a scientific impossibility since its mass and density of the earth that creates its gravity.

but you can still jump up and down if you are in any doubt,,:)
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