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Clair posted this link on the DSK thread and I started to wonder just what is actually going on here.

Do french politicans and men with power have bigger libidos than other men? Do french men have bigger libidos than other men?


Or maybe they are playing the odds, where as if they keep asking a percentage will say 'yes'? Or are they like schoolboys posturing?  Or are they like Simenon, who was addicted, how he got time to write about Maigret is beyond me.




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Now I thought that that was the problem with pandas no libidos, never mind consenting? but I could be wrong![Www]

I realise that some time ago male authors would write rather strangely about women, well to my modern eyes at least. ie A J Cronin's The Citadel, where the wife was refered to as 'the little woman'.

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