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Getting cross with pigeons

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Recently I met somebody whose life is being ruined by pigeons in his eaves, and having been plagued myself by moles (garden type not skin) I know how these things can get to you.

I thought his best attempt, if a little tricky, was to balance on a windowsill whilst swiping at them with a broom. I reckon his neighbours think it is a quaint English version of housework rather than pest control though.

I suggested a catapult or a fancy water pistol with dye so he could see if the same pigeon comes back.


Anybody else have any suggestions for a very cross pigeon non-fancier?[:D]

Edited:- Cos I can't think why I thought there was a D in Pigeon.


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[quote user="Mr Coeur de Lion"]Use some sort of weapon of mass destruction. I believe France has them. But like Q suggests, aim it away from the house.[/quote]

Only a few compared to the US and they like to ask questions first, well with the exception of the odd Green Peace boat of course.

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Has anyone a real solution?

I have an internal courtyard where they nest in a hole in a neighbour's wall  too high up for any ladder to reach; and cover floor and window-ledges with guano.

It is a health risk as well as making any attempt to place a table and chairs to eat outdoors quite useless

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Invite someone that does birds of prey demonstrations.

It works in Wimbledon so should work in your corner of France. They employ a falconer during the summer just to get the blighters out of the way of a good game of tennis.


Or find on the internet someone who makes life size dummy falcons and plant a few of these about the place. Also apparently the colour red is not one that they like most of all.



This last site has all kind to deter them...



Or invest in one of them ...




Pigeons here know me too well and avoid me as they know they'll end up with some lead shot and into a stewpot ...

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I wonder who this is?


Norman do you fancy trying an electric fence?  I am almost at the point where I will try anything.  I scare the bleeders away, they stay away for a week or two then they sneak back, turn the path to a slippery slimy mess then bu66er off.  Ideally I would have an air rifle[6].

I am a bit of a mad professor so maybe a trap might be a good idea?  [I] super glue and a hatchet!  We could be on to something here.

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In the Languedoc (Béziers)

I don't think Ill be climbing ladders with my rollator [8-)], but it might be worth asking if any builder is intrepid enough to try.

It's the neighbours wall though and she is in a home, not really able to take any decisions.

Thanks for the tip. It will encourage me to take action

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