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thefrenchpaper suspended publication

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I did subscribe to thefrench paper which susended publication in August so no longer printed. http://www.thefrenchpaper.com/index.php

I never received the June or July issue and never had a reply from an email i sent to Nicki Wade.

Has any one else had a reply or refund for unreceived issues as promised in her letter?

It was a great paper and we did enjoy reading it.
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Unfortunately you will not get a refund.

You should have read the long thread regarding this on another Forum before it was removed.

Nicki Wade never had any intention of refunding any subscribers payments, which had already been used to fund a 'living the dream' lifestyle.

The companies registered office was also a hotel.

A complete scam.

If you want to know more then drop me a PM.

Kind regards,


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