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education and health question regarding two year sabbatical to UK

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I'm sure I will have to go through official channels to get a definitive answer to this but I'm hoping someone may have similar experiences or advice.

I have been offered work in the UK and am considering accepting and then taking my child back when she has finished 3eme (this June). I would then put her in an English secondary to do the two year GCSE course (she was born in september so this is feasible). After two years I would like to come back to France and for my daughter to coninue at Lycee (she wants to do Bac general).

The questions I have are:

My husband is retired on an occupational pension. He wishes to stay in France and visit us as and when. He will continue to declare his tax here whilst I will pay tax in the UK. Will my daughter and I still be eligible to rejoin the French education system when she is 16?

Also would it be possible to continue receiving health care in France? If my husband is here in France would we still be eligible?

If she comes back at 16 for Lycee will she be eligible for University funding when she has finished the Bac?

I consider this move as a temporary return to the UK not as a "move back" - but can I still be classed as a French resident who happens to be working abroad?

I do not own property in UK and am happy to declare all taxes here in France. We have lived here for seven years so class it as "home".

I know it's complicated but does anyone know where we would stand?

MAny thanks
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If your work is carried out in UK for a UK employer, then you will pay UK tax. If you are continuing your French employment but working on secondment then different rules apply, if you are self-employed then it may or may not work differently, depending on whether or not you are registered as a business in France.

Your husband's income is of no interest to the UK tax people, because UK taxes you as individuals whereas France taxes you as a couple. At least as far as tax is concerned, you will keep your French fiscal resident status because your husband will still be living in France. That means you need to declare your UK income in France - under the double taxation agreement it won't be taxed again as such, though you may find an additional amount of French tax will be payable if your joint income is in a higher French tax bracket as a result.

Where you pay social security is basically governed by where you spend the most time. I am assuming you will spend more time in UK than in France, so you will pay NI. Your EHIC will allow you to access the French health system when in France. Presumably your husband's healthcare arrangements will continue, but you will need to check his eligibility if he is not on a UK state pension.

As far as education is concerned, I will leave answering that up to those with actual experience. I don't see any legal or physical difficulties with what you propose, but some other parents who have brought up children through a similar stage of education may have something to say about the practicalities  and the wisdom of what you intend to do.

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