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Killed by a Chasseur while picking mushrooms

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  • 2 weeks later...

In 2005, Serbian authorities warned their citizens that every bullet that is fired up must come down ahead of New Year's Eve.

I can understand telling people to take down their christmas decorations etc but this seems a bit pointless unless the rules of physics dont apply in Serbia.

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How to avoid being a victim yourself.

I spoke to a hunter who was standing on the ege of a field holding a whacking great rifle.  I asked him why he was wearing a bright orange hat and gilet and he said it was because wild boar are colour blind but he needs to be visible to other shooters.

I have always been alarmed at the way shooters here in Provence blast away instantly at anything that moves.  In the shooting season I now wear an orange baseball cap when I'm walking in or near the vines.


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Yes, that's an excellent video Frederick, if only there were more of them!


In January this year the guitarist Francis Collet (groupe les Ashtones) was killed while driving their van on the A 31 on the way back from concerts in the south of France.

"Nous nous relayions pour conduire, lui et moi. C'était son tour. Au moment de l'accident, on a entendu comme une grande implosion . J'ai tourné la tête et j'ai vu mon pote, inconscient, la tête en sang. J'ai pris le volant pour redresser le fourgon .." .

"Francis est mort dans nos bras au retour du concert de Marseille: une balle de gros calibre a traversé le pare-brise du van du côté de Beaune: j'espère qu'on se rendra au moins compte du grand compositeur et musicien qu'il était".

The same happened a few years before at the same place when a woman sitting in the back of their car between her children was also shot in the head and killed.  The chasseur got one year of prison!



And so it goes on.   [:(]


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