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Oddly other people's weather having gone colder and wetter, our weather was much hotter today (which just goes to show how much use the weather forecast is). Lots of people on the beach and the prom - even some in the sea!
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[quote user="5-element"]

[quote user="Clair"]From 30°C to 15°C!

CHILLY! [:-))]


Yep! Quite a shock. Good day to do all the ironing![:)]


Same here - I had a big pile of ironing from 2 weeks, and several shirts [blink]

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You may have seen on the news the big storm that hit the east coast of the USA. Was caught up in that. Never seen anything so violent in my life. Seen some pretty spectacular storms in Australia, but this one was incredible. Took two hours to pass, and the night sky was constantly lit up with thunder. Lost power quickly, but thankfully this returned 6 hours later. No cable, telephone or internet for the following two days, but we were very lucky.

A couple of kids were sadly killed when a tree fell on their tent about 5 miles from where I live. Still many people are without power, but thankfully the temperatures have dropped to early 30's now. This heat without air conditioning is brutal.

Loads of trees blew over, and in our neighborhood alone, there were many trees uprooted.

We have everything back online now, and no damage thankfully, but I have never seen such a brutal storm.

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