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Ovens - anyone any views on Laden?


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More definitely a

Four encastrable



The green just matches (some of) my units (lovely colour!) (I have a variegated colour scheme) but I know nothing of the make and so far my searches have proved useless...

any thoughts - anyone?

(Thought I'd do the hob and oven together (see previous post) as oven is definitely on the blink.)

[I'd love a matching hob, but doubt that exists!]

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Without causing offence to anyone who owns stuff by this manufacturer, I was under the impression it is one of the very cheaper makes like Fagor and therefore you only get what you pay for. There are plenty of coloured cookers/Ovens out there and I would recommend you buy the best make you can afford and not a bottled gas oven either from experience.
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The spokesman for Laden,  Alan Kaieda (or Al as he is better known)

reports that the range of domestic products has been discontinued ever since

the CEO Ben Laden was struck off the list of directors.  

The Laden's were always difficult to find, although they

advertised their products extensively, even taking the credit for rivals

products at times.

Their IED range suffered from an inherent defect in

construction which meant they sometimes blew up as the fitter installed the


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I'm sure that my friend has a green Fagor.

One of the first things I was told when I moved to France was to buy the dearest cooker I could find, as the cheap ones were poor at best. I did, it was very expensive and was worked hard, for 20 odd years until it gave up on me.

When I got back, I bought a Canon gas cooker and it was quite dear and it is the most useless thing I have bought in years, I hate it, really really hate and resent it now. Would that I could afford to change it, but I should not need to.

If you like baking and cooking, buy the best you can afford.

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Thanks everyone - I'm not that bothered about cooking, so want it to be easy ... fan oven etc.  Colour (well not black as nothing else is in the kitchen and I hate black) is not that important, but I'd like something reliable .... as far as cheap goes,sometimes you win, sometimes you loose.  What I really want is something simple, but good ... these days they seem to over complicate.

So, go for a good make and keep it simple I think.  So many of the  marques are owned by someone else, and you cannot always know what you are buying ..so it may be a Bosch or such... at least all my Bosch equipment (washing machine, dishwasher) have so far not let me down!

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Just for interest, Laden is one of the brand names used by Whirlpool, which also owns Bauknecht, Maytag and KitchenAid among others, and makes appliances for Ikea.

Fagor is basically a Spanish brand, which also makes Brandt and De Dietrich.

Bosch is in fact a joint venture between Robert Bosch and Siemens, that also makes Neff and Gaggenau appliances.


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Will, thanks, that is most useful.  Yes, they all seem quite interlinked ... and I will probably end up with what is actually available!

I've had good experience with Neff in the past, but have yet to see many of their products in France.

Even though you can do all the research, you can only buy it from the shops if it is one of the brands they stock - and most of the chains go for price over quality it seems to me.  We want them to take the old one away, so I don't think buying over the internet is feasible.

Better to go with an open mind and with what you want from the oven as the most important point - and that will not be cheapness but having the  things I want rather than don't want, and reliability.

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Hi folks.

First recce yesterday, and in some ways no wiser - far too many choices ... and as you say, know real knowledge of whho makes what!

Didn't help that with my new eyes (yes, success there!) but without the yet to be prescribed glasses I couldn't see the labels all that well ...

still aiming at a Bosch I suspect, though electrolux looked promising ... but it is all so black now - so it will likely have to be stainless  ....

Bosch seem to have a "replacement" for halogen, which they call quick ... sorry can't read writing now!... and I got some useful info from one of the shops about hob sizes and depth, and there is a hot air oven now, as well as pulsée and chaleur tournant .... but how I long for a John Lewis who not only know but are not knowingly oversold ...

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