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I'm sure this is in the wrong forum so please feel free to move! 

We have previously had someone to clean for us and also act as key holder.  Now we are retired we don't really need the house cleaning before we arrive / laundry etc. and we don't rent out our holiday home so no need for 'changeovers'.   Our cleaner used to also act as key holder in case anyone needed to have access to the property.  With the end of the cleaning arrangements they will no longer be acting as key holder. Do others with second homes have a key holder or do you just lock and leave?

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Unfortunately, our cleaner would not be willing to deal with leaks, wasps nests etc.   We always drain the water down and switch everything off when we leave.  If we needed to leave a key we would rather leave it with someone outside the village on an 'arm's length' (viz formal) basis.   We have rather a lot of politics and ill feeling in the village (nothing to do with us) and we would not want be seen to be preferring one or other side of 'the divide'.

If anyone knows someone who offers key holder services in the vicinity of Cubjac / Hautefort / Excideuil area please let us know!

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