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Tour de France, not a word

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Off topic to a small extent: the forum owners need to sort out the quote/gobbledygook thing. It's an unusable facility. (I use Safari, but it was also a problem when I used Google Chrome.) Yes, I did report it through the channels.)

Re previous posts: two of my siblings were born in the States to my folks who are born and bred English. They have dual nationality. Having spent 11 years in the States and had close links through business since, I know that one's nationality is more a state of mind than a fluke of where one is born.
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[quote user="woolybanana"]...and the indomitable Harriet Harman has said that there should be a women's race alongside the men's. I was wondering what form this might take - a pram race, tricycles, egg and sperm, or straight cycling. [/quote]

It's not just Harriet Harman!  There's lots of others who would like to see this (a regular bike race that is).

 "Petition nears 70,000 signatures

Amaury Sport Organisation (ASO) has indicated they are open to a

return of a women's Tour de France as a petition campaign fronted by

world champion Marianne Vos gains momentum."


Brian (again)

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Well, gutted though I may be that the massed ranks of my fan club are unlikely to be swelled by an influx of new members from the Stevenage Wine Appreciation society, I took some heart that the world is a lovely place, thanks to this evening's phone call from Mr. Nastypiece. In it, he told me that a friend of a colleague is an old mate and cycling buddy of Chris Froome. And so it was that this old friend received a phone call at the weekend and was whisked to Paris with his wife, all expenses paid and arrangements made, to a ringside seat at the Champs Élysées finish line. Courtesy, of course, of Mr.F. It's a true sporting gentleman who doesn't forget his old riding chums.

Benjamin, sorry for the typo. Of course I left out the *, partly in the interests of brevity. I thought it would be easier than trying to work out how many *'s are in exc****nt!

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Careful, Bitty/chap. (Didn't David Walliams refer to something else as bitty?) I know the photo is a bit, er, um, not much to look at, but...

I think that to solve the Wig/Froome problem, Sky should bring back Lance Armstrong to lead the team.


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As I said, I copy and paste instear of quoting.

My state of mind is Ohio.

Gobbledygook would be a good name for a Tour team. I can hear Gary Imlach butchering that with a French accent. Imlach called me from Atlanta (to GB) when he was doing American football.


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[quote user="dwmcn"]On the other hand, can you edit a message and delete the gobbledygook?[/quote]

Like this?? You're a genius. Allegedly... ;)

(Edited post) - It worked perfectly on preview but looked worse when posted.

What the heck - I'll copy/paste and put quotes around it. Just like the old days of carbon paper and pre-fax. Yes, I remember it well...
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