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Telephone Scam


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In the last 3 days we have received two telephone calls, one from a 0486 region and one from 0975 region, we did not answer either call, as we only answer numbers we know, and certainly do not answer withheld numbers. Both left a message on our answer machine, the first one asked me to phone back about my appointment, quite ironic that I am actually waiting for an appointment from the hospital, but as the message did not say my name, or any reference to the appointment mentioned we chose not to ring the number left on the message. The second call left a garbled message that we could not understand, but could hear a number being quoted.

I Googled the two numbers and found a website referring to the two numbers, with people who had in fact telephoned the numbers and they turned out to be fraudulent, trapping you into telephoning a premium rate number. I assume this scam is only operated with messages left on an answer machine, because I do not know what the person would say if you answered the call. So beware if any unusual numbers flag up on your telephone number pad, as I say this has only happened in the last 3 days.

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