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Forthcoming French Electioons

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I always forget what elections for which we have an entitlement to vote. Those coming up during the next 2 weeks, as French residents, do we have a vote for them? The party literature has arrived but that's distributed at every home and as we don't get voting cards and generally just go to the polling station and give our names I'm not sure if this is one for us. A quick answer to this would be welcomed. Thanks
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No Quillan you cannot vote in these elections, they are regional and not municipales, or european.

Quite clear here


I know that we could not because my husband did and you should have seen the furore that caused. Problem was that everyone at the voting desk were old friends, who simply let him get his forms and off he went and voted and as he popped his ballot in the box, someone started to say that they couldn't find his name on the list. It was not focurse, and in the regional elections yours should not be either Q.

When I got there later, being well aware of this happening and also knowing that I could ONLY vote in the minicipales, I had our odious, obnoxious, contemptable, little man (he cannot stand me either) having a right go at me about my husband voting in the wrong election and I was not to do the same.

No idea how they do this where you live Q, but they are breaking the law that is for surej if they let you vote........ unless you have taken french nationality ofcourse.  And yes, our friends on the panel did not know that we could not vote in the regionales either, but I did, as did the those that made up the electoral register.

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Les ressortissants des pays de l’Union européenne résidant en France ont le droit de vote et d’éligibilité aux élections municipales et européennes

So you can stay home on Sunday


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Well thats handy because it was the FN candidate. Think I will go and try to vote then and if the FN win I will broadcast the fact that I voted because they said I could. I said to Mrs Q at the time that I thought it was really funny that the FN guy was telling me to go vote for them what with me being an EU migrant and all. More slippery than Ukip it would seem.
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