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EU Membership??

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I expect it got put into the government bank account and never got as far as Calais. Although interesting I did a search to verify this 12 million claim and it was pledged and the end of last year for things such as redeveloping the port to make it easier to do spot checks, and other infrastructure developments. It didn't sound like it was an instant hand out, so it is very possible that although there were promises no money has changed hands. http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-29294776
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According to Le Point, the money is to be given and spent over 3 years, so it wasn't ever handed over as a lump sum

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Russethouse wrote,

What's UKIP's policy on sewage treatment, BTW? Anyone ?

I think they are happy to be net contributors

Let me tell you what UKIP’s policy is regarding sewage as you seem so interested. It is to carry on much as now, that it goes to the waste treatment plant, Unfortunately most of our new arrivals think the best place is the local park behind a bush, or under a flyover bridge.

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Well the gendarmes are not doing any more than they usually do then!

Motorists they can fine for little, especially lady motorists used to be their 'target' group in our village. I could write pages about their lack of professionalism, but won't.

The CRS would be the people to put in, they are not afraid to have a go, but there again, with everyone having fancy phones these days, well, their way of dealing with people is really under the 'spotlight'.

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