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Calais ... again

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Martin 963 wrote :Apart from any humanitarian aspect, where on earth *is* all this going to end...? Some pretty wild suggestions today (shutting down Calais, deploying the army, etc), but then the situation it seems is getting pretty wild too.

I dont think anybody is expecting things to improve soon or they would not be talking about having the old Manston Airfield on standby to use for a lorry park as part of Opperation Stack
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Things have really not improved. Tyre burning again on the French side today. If the lorries can be moved off the M20 and on to military land all to the good but I really pity the poor lorry drivers and haulage firms who are caught up in this.

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It appears the cargo insurers will now not pay out for " spoiled / contaminated " lorry contents when Supermarkets refuse to accept the load after the vehicle is delayed or entered by immigrants . They are using not covered for "Civil Unrest " as a way out for themselves not to accept claims

When French farmers find that thousands of euros worth of their fruit veg and dairy produce is no longer covered by insurance and not being collected from them anymore.... and they have to dump it .....the French government will really get leaned on

From AOL

Around three quarters of all road freight coming in and out of the UK arrives via Dover and Calais. Now, though, closures are leading to the destruction of fresh foods, and drivers are refusing to do the UK run.

Meanwhile, the risk of contamination means that where migrants have been able to access lorries, food is frequently thrown away. According to the Fresh Produce Association, indeed, as much as £2 million-worth of produce is being binned each month.

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