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Posting irreplaceable docs to UK


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Can't find previous refs to this - so many apologies if already been asked.

Find myself having to send some - almost irreplaceable - legal and financial documents to solicitors in UK.   Letters and documents using letter post - not parcel.

Extremely worried they might 'get lost'.   Have used the French 'avis de reception' service before now - but that was only from French addres to another French address.

What should I do;  what service can be recommended as throughly reliable and trustworthy as possible - and what should I be asking for at Le Poste.

Really concerned about having to do this;  would very much welcome advice and info as these documents are so extremely important I'm also scared to let them out of my hands !!  

When I brought them from UK out here I hand-carried them and wouldn't let them out of my sight - I know I'm paranoid, but really worried.

Advice appreciated....


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Can you not get notairized copies done...... by your notaire?

May cost you, but what price has the obvious worry you are suffering.

Frankly, IF that is not an option, and I was so anxious, I would probably take them myself.

I just cannot imagine what is completely irreplaceable and copies are no good.

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A few years ago we had to send a document to the Uk in order to get the keys released for a property we own when the tenant went broke and abandonned the building. The document went to the liquidator of his business.  I asked at La Poste as we wanted the doc to arrive asap.  I had to pay about 30 euros but it was guaranteed to be delivered in 24 hours and appeared to be passed almost from hand to hand.

Ask at your local La Poste and see what they say.  I think it was that I wanted it delivered asap that prompted the post lady to suggest this service.

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La Poste is a bad joke.

Its great when it works but as soon as anything goes wrong thats it screwed.

Normal "signed for" is only tracked to the border, beyond that its just mixed with the normal mail so a waste of money.

International signed for costs a fortune. circa 40 euros for an A4 envelope to UK, and of the two times I sent things this way once it was just delivered as normal and I never got a signature receipt.

I asked about international signed for to The Lebannon once. It would have cost 200 euros!

However, I dont rate any of the courier services very highly either although thats mostly due to me living somewhere reasonably remote so deliveries to me are always subcontracted to the local clowns for the final leg from the last depot to my house and its here things get delayed or stolen. I wouldnt trust them to collect anything so important so would probably drive to wherever the nearest Fedex or DHL depot is probably an hour or so away and drop it off myself.
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In the UK the legal system uses the DX postal service but unfortunately they do not operate outside of the UK. What they do is pass legal documents on to FedEx. It therefore seemed obvious to Mrs Q to use FedEx to send documents back to the UK. If you really want that extra security you can have them delivered what is called "hand to hand". This means a guy used to come to our house (in a FedEx van)  which is out in the sticks some 4km from Quillan and collect the document in person. That document would then be delivered and placed into the hand of the recipient, not to the company in general, but the actual named person. They have never, ever, failed to deliver and have always been on time.


I did once sell some 6N tickets on Ebay and have La Poste courier them from Quillan to a hotel in Paris where the purchasers were waiting. They arrived well in time for them to leave the hotel and watch the game. I have only done this once so I have no idea if this was a fluke or not.

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Thanks everyone for very helpful advice.

Would love the chance to 'hop on a plane' - but not feasible - sadly.

Coments about Le Poste (and I've had problems with them before) do confirm my feelings that 'anything else' is the way to go.

Will try the FedEx link first;  need to have some docs counter-signed by local Notaire as well - why is life so complicated !!!

Thanks - as always, very helpful advice and much appreciated.

Happy Christmas - Chessie

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