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Another François at the Elysée?


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That is a huge list to go through, Norman.  A lot to do with employment or education so I just did a skim.

However, both seem keen to do something about the le Touquet agreement and so the UK might have to move the frontier back onto the English side of the channel.  I'm not sure which country would benefit the most from that?  Too many aspects to be considered, and to weigh one against the other.

Relative to my efforts to learn more French, I did find a phrase which seems to be quite delightful:  where we would say "life expectancy", they say l'espérance de vie.  For me, the French phrase is better, with its connotation of hope and a sort of "looking forward to"..............yes, I do prefer that![:)]

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Phew, that was a long and detailed debate!  I hadn't realise that they would touch on so many topics.

I now see that Fillon has lengthened his lead, that is, going by the poll in le Figaro (which I looked at towards the end of the hour) which ask which of the two do people find more convincing.  It was, at that time, 76% for Fillon and only 24% for Juppé.

Clearly, the surprise outsider is romping home on this one.

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