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Moving to France


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Non, not me[:-))]. (although after brexit, who knows)

If you are considering such a move, or a holiday home, then if you want proper information about living in France, then look at the french public service site, it is very very good.


Or the french embassy in London


And as Brexit will happen, I would keep an eye on these sites where changes will be shown and how the french are interpreting things, because, from experience, sometimes, a french slant on things is not quite how it reads in english........ and sometimes not at all.[Www]

Message boards are OK, but official information is invaluable. When we were moving,and we did get help from the new employers, but I contacted my local french consulate in the UK...... very very helpful.

ps, I often use Google France in french for info, for me it is another good way of getting information.

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