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The first Presidential debate

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An unofficial one last night on TF1 surrounded by some controversy since it included only the 5 main candidates out of the 11.

If you find it hard to follow in French there was live coverage in the Guardian which takes these things seriously


and a reasonable summary this morning


by Angélique Christafis who usually has her finger on the pulse

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I recieved a renewed carte electorale in the post today, it clearly states that I can only vote in élections municipale and for the EU parliament, the former we are not due for a few years, is there an EU election forthcoming or have the Mairie made a mistake?


I hope they have because I could then have some fun [:D]

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I didn't watch the debate as I am waiting for the number of candidates to be whittled down first.  Besides, I didn't much fancy watching the dodgy Fillon setting out anything, nevermind his programme, though I suppose that he COULD get to the second round[:'(]

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Well, Macron seems to have adopted the Hollande strategy of a 'little bit of this and a little bit of that but please don't rock the boat because this is really the best of all possible worlds which just needs tidying up a little.'

His real vision is difficult to see through the ducking and diving, which is sad for the French really wanted that, I think.
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