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This is one for Chancer


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Grecian, have a look at this:


If you don't get anywhere, let me know and I will see if I can find my emails to them from my old email address. 

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Thanks for the link mint, I had already looked in there and for the life of me could not find an email address, if you keep clicking and going further down the menus it just brings up the 1023 number to ring, no email address. If you could find the email address that you used it would be much appreciated.

After reading everything that I could find on the website for cancelling the contract, if I have read things correctly, it states that we should have received a letter with our return slip enclosed, to date we have not received anything. It also states that if we have not received our cancellation etiquette, click a link that takes you back to the 'Etiquette retour équipment' button to click that does not work.[:-))]

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Thank you mint for all your efforts, but sadly when I sent off an e-mail to the address provided the mail just bounced back to me undelivered.

This then stirred the British bulldog in me, I picked up the telephone ready to do battle with SFR, sadly I could not get past the menus, I was trying to find the 'autres demandes' option, but fell down badly at the first hurdle.[:(] Mrs Grecian then took control, gracefully navigating the menus and unleashed both barrels at the unsuspecting monsieur at the other end of the telephone. Supposedly SFR will now send me the pre-paid label in the post, we shall have to wait and see.

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Oh, well done, Grecian and very well done, Mrs G!

Can't understand the email address being useless, it was the one they used to write to me.  Guess they have stopped people using it to write to them.

Must tell you what I did in case they argued about the contents of the parcel.  I photographed the 5 or 6 items in the parcel because I didn't want any oh but you didn't include the ethernet lead or whatever and charge me.

I also listed everything and put the list in the parcel.  Yes, I know, being ultra cautious.  It's just that if you are dealing with unprincipled people, you need to just be one step ahead and second guess every excuse they might come up with.

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