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Hunters drafted in to back up police in French countryside


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Just taking off my rose coloured specs for a moment, can thIs be real?


Is today like april fools day?

Is ALBF running the gendarmerie?

Has Chancer bought the Oise?

When I was a bargee in France in another life sometimes we were allowed to work on Sundays. We did come across John Wayne look alikes draped decorously over lock gates, drunk of course, but armed to the teeth. Using them as neighbourhood watch and expecting them to behave sounds a little hopeful.
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So they can ring 17 and give their secret code number and they will be put in contact with the Gendarmes as opposed to the rest of us who get told there is nothing they can do if we ring to report that a drunken chasseur is attempting to sensibilise us [:-))]


En aucun cas, il ne leur sera demandé d'intervenir, sauf si c'est pour porter secours à une personne. Ils devront observer les faits anormaux, sensibiliser les promeneurs et nous alerter en cas d'urgence. »


I have already been sensibilised several times by chasseurs when walking running or cycling, they dont like MAMILs [:D]

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