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Using la Poste as proof of identity


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Has anyone used IDentité by the Post Office?

I have had my email and mobile number verified and the facteur came on Friday morning to look at my passport and tapped buttons on his hand held electronic gadget.

The same morning, at 11.25, I had an email to say that my account had been verified and that I would be able to use it within the day.

Alas, no password, couldn't create a password and I can only hope that on Monday, I will be able to use the service, having sent a couple of queries to Customer Service.

If anyone has any experience of this, could you please shed some light on this matter, svp.

As an aside, I am using this la Poste service to enable me to use France Connect.  So, if anyone has used France Connect, could you please say which method you employed?

Many thanks.....needless to say, all advice will be very welcome and enthusiastically embraced!

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Thanks, Norman.  I really thought all was on course when I had the email saying it was activated.

The facteur, who knows me well, told me that he'd been doing this for many people and my cleaning lady, who is a fount of information, also told me that it was quick and simple.

Guessing from your post, the password comes by courrier then?  Yes, that would make sense except I understood the email to say that I could use the account the same day.

If I still do not get a password on Monday, I will try to use one of the other ways suggested by France Connect.

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Thanks, NM.  That's the avenue I am going to explore next.  Will be setting up my internet account with les impots. 

I also do not have internet link with Ameli so thought of using them but I understand that they take several days to send you a code.

And I thought all this internet stuff was meant to make life easier?[8-)]

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Have come back to confirm that what Simon says here has been found by me to be spot on and so, no point doing it, folk if you want to use IDentité for other sites.

FranceConnect has absolutely refused it.

No good using the Impots one because, once I have filled in the 13 chiffres for our numéro fiscal, the FranceConnect site then just pre-filled all the details with my husband's name, no option to input MY details so there it is, I do NOT exist as far as FC is concerned.

Have now tried to create an account with the ANTS site.  Can someone please confirm that they send you a code by post?

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In August last year, after I clicked on a link they emailed to me to confirm my email addess, ANTS sent an email confirming my inscription:-


vous êtes inscrit sur https://ants.gouv.fr/


pouvez accéder à votre espace et profiter de toutes les fonctionnalités sur les

sites de l'ANTS :

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NM, thank you for your further input and for explaining it all so well.

My mistake was using the numero fiscal from last year's avis for the 13 chiffres.  Will have another go later on using my déclarant 2 number. I needed the avis for the référence d l'avis number which is, of course, the other number that was needed for the impots identification.  What is it with me and numbers?  Never seem able to get to grips with them and I often marvel that I actually managed an O level in Maths!!

If that still doesn't work, then it will be a trip to the préfecture and that will be such a pain in the bum[:-))]

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10 out of 10 for effort then?[:)]


The other annoying thing is that these sites often do not recognise your password and you are obliged to say you have forgotten it and then either get a new one or set a new one for yourself. 

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We have been registered on the Impots and Ameli sites since about 2004.

Our ID's for Impots are our Fiscal numbers and for Ameli are our Social Security numbers.

I have the relevant passwords stored, but have not entered them manually for years, as we are automatically logged on once we have selected the appropriate ID from the two which are offered.

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Have now been properly verified both on the la Poste and the Impots sites, after "forgetting" my passwords and re-setting them (even though I entered the passwords correctly the first time round)

I now think that it's the FranceConnect site that is plainly not fit for purpose.  Never seems to be able to use it.

As for ANTS, got the identifiant, mot de passe OK (also after having to "forget" the password and re-choosing) but still no confidential code.  Eventually sent them an email and uploaded both my passport and my driving license.  Now have to wait 48 to 72 hours for a response.  As tomorrow is Friday, I guess, it will take until Wednesday, if I'm lucky[:@]

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