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Thunderstorms - will they ever stop ?

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My memory isn't great;  we've lived here more than 10 years (47) - and I honestly can't remember so many thunder & lightning storms happening so frequently, so early.,

We;ve not really had any decent prolonged warm summer weather;  haven't opened the pool, summer chairs and parasols still hiding in the garage -

and yet - thunde4rstorm after thunderstorm, after thunderstorm -

or grey, drizzly days.

Where's our summer ?

Have been watching a website - lightningmaps.org - and it's really noticeable just how many T&L storms there are taking place right around France, Germany, Italy.... right across Europe - every single day.

Now is it me - but surely this number and severity of T&L is really unusual.

We've just had another T&L pass over .........

Think the swallows might consider returning to Africa at this rate.

Chessie (damp, fed-up, pale and un-interesting !!)

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Yes, Chessie, it's weird.  We've escaped some of the thunderstorms, or they have passed close by or through very quickly, but rain, rain, rain.  Likewise, we've managed to sit outside for a quick sandwich lunch some days, but rarely, the pool is open, because we don't close it up, but go in it, no way!  Terrible.  And the countryside is so green, it's never that green usually.  That's why it's olive and wine country!  Just don't know what's gone wrong this year.

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I seeded a new lawn quite late so I am well chuffed. It is growing nicely. Anyone for tennis ?

Come July and August it will be excruciatingly hot and everyone will complain that it is too hot and my lawn will die.

You will all have to stay inside with the shutters shut watching Bargain hunt whilst dehydrating. Rain or excruciating heat is the same thing. Staying inside complaining about the weather watching Bargain Hunt. They don't tell you that on the Place in the Sun.

One could argue that the British climate is better !!! At least you can go out. Ok you might get mugged by axe wilding scooterists. But surely that is better than watching Bargain Hunt in Eymet all day whilst fighting off the flies.

Welcome to the new global warmed France.
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Lucky you, ALBF. We re-seeded our lawn (trying to make it a grass one, rather than moss) and we have had to water it every day bar about three since it was done. Apparently, that current, nasty circle of low pressure sitting over France might edge its way into southern UK tomorrow, bringing the odd shower.

Even a week or so back, when we had a gazillion lightning strikes, causing people to fill their Facebook feeds and flood the BBC with arty lightning photos, there wasn't a lot of rain.

People in Scotland are probably fainting from the heat and emptying the shops of summer-weight kilts.

The weather is truly bizarre....
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"I never could understand people who won't use the pool in the rain. Are you afraid of getting wet?

Me too - we used to swim in the sea most days in the summer, and the water always felt warmer if it was raining. (North Sea).

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It's nothing to do with getting wet - the pool is just not warm enough for me.
I have swum in the rain, but gentle stuff, but the rain we are getting it is just too damn cool and heavy to be comfortable!  OK, I may be a fair weather swimmer, but why not!

And it's not even been hot enough to need to get in it to cool down yet!

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It's a bit like tropical storms here. When it rains it floods certain areas of our garden within minutes, but when the sun comes out it's hot. The T & L has been terrific to watch.

As for our pool, it's remained at 24° without the sun to heat it. That's just a bit too chilly for me.
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Mogs, it's obviously been warmer with you than us, only 20, and that's the surface ... always colder in it.  But we don't cover it, as usually there's no need, but I would usually have been able to swim by May at the least.  Yes, 24 is only just warm enough!

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