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Corrupt politicians

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Cahuzac, Gueant, Chirac, Sarkozy, Balkany, Juppé, Fillon, all former French politicians who have been are or will soon go on trial for dishonesty of some sort. Some of these are doing time or under house arrest.

What is it that makes them get their hands into the till, surely more than just greed. It has always been a tradition in France but surely they dont need the money nor do their campaigns? Do they really think they are above scrutiny, are they stoopid?

Had it been Belgium, I would say that there was never a straight deal, but then that is the rule there!
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I thought that Cahuzac was reprehensible in that

a) He was a Minister for the Budget yet he held a secret offshore bank account
b) It was for his personal gain
c) He was a supposed Socialist. One expects right-wing politicians to be in it for the money, that after all is the basis of their philosopy; but one would hope for better from the left.

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Good point Betty.

Reading the article it seems some of Labour's ideas were good but the translation into real life, especially when elderly patients were concerned, got too convoluted. Removing the local element of knowledgeable people in favour of distant care appears to have added to the problem.

I've no solution .. but it does seem the whole NHS has become increasingly complex so the solution definitely won't be simple.

NB: paying some managers enormous salaries, letting them 'retire' then re-hiring them on the same salary is so ludicrous .. and hugely costly. If this practice is not illegal then it should be made so.
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It needs joined up thinking of the various social care bodies plus the NHS to deal with the elderly care problem. As well as very serious fines for bed blocking, more care at home and more staff trained to do the job. But to do this, decent wages too are needed.

And surgeons who work fr the NHS full time, not half time with the rest being private.

Plus the NHS must not be carrying out what I call flippant surgery or bread and butter stuff which can best be done in the private sector.

Whilst you can have local services, centres of excellence must probably be regional.

AnE, heaven only knows how to deal with it.

Definitely right about excessive salaries at the top, though, should be cut by half.
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