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Vincent Lambert

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I cannot believe that this poor man is still alive.

I do not understand why all the court judgements, the President's, and the European Court of Justice's have not been honoured and let this poor poor man go in peace.

If it is religious values that his bloodline has, then, IF their God wanted him alive surely that is what would happen if everything was turned off....or they could have the solice in their belief that he would go to heaven

As it is, and I personally find them cruel and monstrous, and as full of malevolence as they seem to believe that the Dr's, his wife and all the legal deciders are.

We discussed this case on here a few years ago, and I was appalled then...and it is still ongoing! It was also when I found out that it was possible to do a DNR in France. I am pleased I have mine and renew it every year...
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The court has really gone beyond its remit in ordering that feeding be started again.

The diffusion of the video was an abomination as was the screaming crowd of 300 outside the hospital in Rennes.

The parents who have set this off are extreme Catholics and, one suspects, backed now by some very murky, absolute, pro-life people. Plus the Pope.

In all of this, the young man is being forgotten. It was his wish not to be resuscitated if he ever got into his present state, but his mother is an absolute fanatic. This is not mother love.

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Yes, it certainly is not mother love.

As I said, IF the parents are such believers then why would they not imagine that their god would do something to bring their son 'back to life'......... a proper life, OR if they are such believers, surely they would believe that their god would welcome their son into heaven.

I feel so so sorry for Vincent Lambert and his wife and the rest of this family who care about him.

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Sadly, Norman, it's not possible to open your link. It directs me to the App Store, which in turn directs me to the French App Store. Looks like Hors France it's not viewable without an app, although which app that might be isn't specified.
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That 'thingy' that we have is VPN and there is little chance of me remembering it is more than a 'thingy' as I don't really use it and hence, it's name gets forgotten, and it wouldn't work today anyway...... but ofcourse TV5 monde does work on my UK computer anyway.

Have started watching but will watch it later........my does the lady in pink speak quickly.

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Thank goodness that it has end.

Shame that the law has not changed, or that the likes of YCCMB can change the thread (look) to get her irrelevant point across.

Too many religious idiots in this world.

Who really should give a damn what happened arround 2000 years ago.

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