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I dont suppose you've noticed

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So to summarise, you are no better placed than anyone else who is a user of paint to judge the quality of one paint versus another. You've painted things. So have most of us. You would, however, and by your own admission, disagree with anything I say just because it's me that's said it. Indeed, you'd try to make me out to be wrong, even if I haven't tried to say I'm right.

I don't think that comes as a surprise to anyone but it's good of you to spell it out.
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[quote user="richard51"]

2. I am still struggling to get my head around the expert comment that a cheap bulk-buy discount-store chalk-paint product can be just as good as an established/more expensive chalk-paint product. Hey-ho.[/quote]

Discount schmishcount.

THIS lady won't give chalk paint house room and I tend to agree with her.

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One at a time please.

Cajal: have not read the reference but have read several re chalk paint over time. What the ----- does schmishcount mean - WB will/can give you a lesson in simple english. Apologies for being abrasive.

YCCMB: Methinks that the same issue very much applies to you. Why can't you be as honest?

The very first problem I had with you was when, many moons ago, you disagreed with me over my comment that sat navs merely used lookup tables to change languages. I absolutely know that to be true but you were so adamant that I was wrong and your linguistics skills were far superior to any I had.. Grrr.

Learn to accept that others may be right even though they do not have such "perfect" language skills (sic).

I am (was) pretty good at computer languages but people really always are on a learning curve - though I fell off that one., Ask your OH - that seemed to be a problem with you as well.

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[quote user="mint"]
[quote user="mogs"]Hi mint.

Which online stores do you use please? My pharmacy bill is going up with all the supplements I usually take, like magnesium and glucosamine.[/quote]

Mogs, I use newpharma.com.  Also, for supplements, I use Amazon and on their site, I usually look not just at price but at dosages.  If you are taking curcuma (turmeric), there is one on Amazon from a company called Vitamaze (German and excellent).  Vitamaze also have their own site, vitamaze.de.  Their curcuma has piperine and Vit C and is the highest dose I have been able to find; so 1 a day is all you need to take.

Whatever you do, don't stop the supplements![:)]


Mogs, in case you have missed my response to your question, amidst all the brouhaha that follows this post, I am pushing this up[:)]

I hope you find the answer helpful.

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Thanks Mint for your reply, I'll take a look.

Don't know if you know of Golden Paste? It is homemade using turmeric, coconut or olive oil, black pepper (piperine) and water. It's very easy to make and saves a fortune buying curcuma tablets. If you want the recipe I will happily send.

Only problem is, it can create yellow fingers or tops so you have to prepare using an old board. It looks like I'm a 100 a day smoker if it stains my fingers lol.

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If you don't know, Wools, you haven't been following?[:P]

Thanks, Mogs, I'll stick with the capsules!!  Too idle and the powdered turmeric might go up my nose and make me sneeze all over the mixture I have just prepared?[:D]

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By the way, my littler doggy has rheumatics in one of his bak legs which means he carries it. A treatment of tumeric has alleviated the symptoms to the extend that he seems normal. It could of course be the hot weather as he lies out a lot, cooking.

So ladies, if you have problems with any of your four legs, lie in the sun and suck the tumeric pills or tea or ice cream or simply layer it on your pained areas. But don’t go through facial recognition or you might be had for the colour change.
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