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We need new moderators!

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This is yet another appeal for new moderators.

It is prompted by the latest spat on the forum. I deleted several posts and banned several of the ‘new’ posters. This did not stop the problem because banned posters can quite easily come back as someone else, just as the last moderator to leave did, so I deleted the whole thread.

This prompted the question, “Why didn't the moderators …… “

There has only been one moderator for the last three years and she is fed up.

Then Martin wrote, “I've just wasted three minutes of my life reading this thread” …….. and it made me reflect that he was not the only one.

To crown it all Wooly wrote, “After all, Hoody has to earn her bowl of rice.” Just to be clear, I don’t even get a grain of rice for doing this. I don’t want one, I just want regular posters to behave decently and not spend what often seems like their after-dinner time waving their antlers at each other.

This used to be, and often still is, such a useful form I would hate to see it close.

I can see that this is not an attractive job advert, but we really need other moderators.

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This is a good idea Mogs - thanks.

Visit the site regularly - much easier if there is more than one of you.

A number of regular posters take the time to press the ‘report’ button to warn you of doubtful posts. This is very helpful because they often draw your attention to the dodgy fake passport sellers etc. and you can get rid of them quickly and ban the poster.

The majority of posters are no trouble and you will know their names and don’t really need to read all of their posts. You need to keep your eye out for new posters or for posters with only a few posts to their credit.

You need to know the rules and apply them fairly.

I have found the most difficult problem is when two posters try to goad each other. This often seems to happen after dinner and it is sometimes difficult to judge at which point to intervene. What may be a bit of fun to them becomes an irritating nuisance to a moderator because you have to try to judge at which point things go ’over the line’ and spend time watching them. If there is more than one moderator it is possible to discuss privately which posts go too far.

You have to resign yourself to the fact that the owners of the board used to find the forum an interesting resource for the magazine. After an extremely unpleasant incident over copyright some years ago this is no longer true.

You will get no recompense for what you do. Someone pointed out that many years ago we used to get a free subscription to the magazine; this has not been the case for many years now.

I am conscious that this does not make the task seem attractive, but I still find enough to interest me; perhaps you would too.

Thank you to all those posters who have thanked me on this thread and to all those who cause no trouble.
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Oh, Hoddy, you should not have to monitor us as you would your more juvenile charges during your working life!

OTOH, those of us who truly appreciate what you manage to do so fairly and graciously all on your own, do know where to draw the line and not act like uncontrollable troublemakers.

Would be good if some on here would just pause to think before posting when things get heated but I suppose that is to expect too much[:(]

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Well said Mint.  Quite often I don't post, sometimes because the discussion has moved on from the point I would have made, but sometimes because when one of two decide to have a spat (and that is being kind on occasion), I just don't bother.

I used to look at much more than I do  now, time being the critical factor. 

Hoddy, you have a thankless task, which you do to admiration, and if only I could see myself having the time, I'd offer, but I have to be sensible and say no, as I am trying to disengage from several things so that I have time to go on holidays!!

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