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Bon courage

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To all those of you with what we now must call “underlying health problems” and equally to those without.

Be safe, be well, and hopefully you and your loved ones will manage to come through the next month or so unscathed.

Bisous from Betty.
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Thanks Betty.

Trying to convince myself that a sniffy nose and a slightly sore throat are no more than that.

Yesterday, Friday 13th., our part-time gardener showed up a few days early, as he had a spare day.

After shaking my hand and standing, as usual, right in my face, he announced that his local town, Lezignan, had two cases of CV, and that his daughter's school had just been closed.
Besides having a couple of cups of coffee, he used our bathroom before leaving after 8 hours' work.

I didn't think much about the above at the time, but realised he travels all over the area, so I phoned him yesterday and cancelled his rdv's until further notice.

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Betty, great to have you back!

I noticed last week, when I went to OH's table tennis club that people were doing "feet bumps", outside of one foot to outside of the other person's foot and then repeat with other foot.

I thought it was just young lads messing about together and laughing.  Blow me, when I went on my Friday walk, everyone was doing the same, having ignored the offer of my elbow to bump!

How are people greeting each other where you live?

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[quote user="woolybanana"]Buttock bumps![/quote]

I'd have someone over if I tried that little lark.


do elbow bumps at the moment or a silly little wave, or blow a kiss,

depending on the circumstances and most certainly who it is[Www]

good to see you betty[:D][kiss]
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