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Some Sad News

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Hello folks

Firstly... this is Rose and not Greyman... my login won't work and no matter what I do I can't login.

Second I have some very sad news... some of you will remember our beautiful welsh songbird Twinkle. We became friends through this forum and when I moved to France in 2007, friends in real life too.

Sadly I learned yesterday that she died. I wasn't surprised as I knew she was ill... she messaged me a little while ago to say that it wasn't looking good. Nonetheless I was stunned. She was far to young and fabulous to die.

My heart is heavy but I know that she is now singing with the angels... sharing her beautiful voice in heaven.

I know that many of you were virtual friends. I'm sorry to return with such sad news

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Can’t believe this, but sadly you have to.

Our elder son decided to get married over here back in 2008. They needed a band for the evening reception. Some of the ‘offerings’ around here are decidedly iffy, so I contacted herself to see whether she might be interested.

All fixed (after exchange of CD’s) and the date was set. She and her entourage arrived a little bit later than I would have wished, but they had come all the way from Toulouse-ish, thus some hundreds of kms.

She said that she worked with a group of musicians - however was available, was who she worked with.

She (+ they) were superb. I remember being in the bar with her and her entourage late-on. I was told that they didn’t leave to head back until 04.00-

Our son & DIL will be very sorry to hear this news.

RIP Twinkle

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Yes, I remember Twinkle well (and her friend, Karen was it?)

We were living in the Charente Maritime when she once had a "gig" (I think it's called?) in a resort along the estuaire a bit further North from where we were and she said she might pop in to visit us.

Alas, she never did and, soon after that, she and her friend stopped posting on the forum.

Thank you for letting us know, Rose.

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[quote user="NormanH"]It is always sad to hear of the passing away of one of our 'own'.


Indeed, we seem to have so few left now, those of us old faithfuls, who have been here some time now, even if we don't post much.  Such a shame, but as you say, the angels in heaven will be able to enjoy her voice now.  RIP Twinkle.

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It's so strange to see so many names I recognise after all these years.

for those who want to see Twinks sing... here's a link to a tribute they did at the end of last year.

I'm currently walking in the Picos and I played it a full volume yesterday for the mountains and the birds to hear.


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