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Unsolicited mail

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Today I received a chunky envelope from la Fondation Apprentis d’Auteuil. It contains a diary, a pen and some labels. I understand that it’s a Catholic charity that supports young people in distress.

I didn’t ask for it, don’t want it and already support my favourite charity every month. I would rather just return it to them unopened. What should I write on it to get the “Return to sender” message home?

What do others do with this kind of post?
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We receive very little junk mail (pourriel? or is that just for electronic spam mail?) but on the odd occasion we have received something, I either throw it away and forget it or, rarely, I've emailed the company / charity with any identifying details (name, address, any reference number) and told them to remove me from their mailing list. Then I've binned whatever it was.

The fact there might be 'goodies' in the pack wouldn't matter to me - the stuff is unsolicited, unwanted so it is thrown away.

However, if you are keen to return it, writing something like

Non sollicité - retour à l'expéditeur

on the envelope should work. Or the post office will throw it away for you. [;-)]

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Many years ago a charity - no doubt with the best of intentions - sent out mailshots containing a 10 p and a 2 p coin taped to a bit of card,   accompanied by a note expressing the wish that, because they'd had enough confidence in the recipient to send some money,  maybe the latter would be kind enough to send a larger donation in return.

Now receiving even a small sum in cash bothered my conscience greatly,   but after a couple of days agonising over the matter,  I hit on the idea of sending them a cheque for 12 p,  along with a request that they shouldn't repeat the appeal in my case.   That way I made it clear that I disapproved of their tactics,  but restored them to the position they were in before they'd sent me 12 p.

To my amazement the cheque was banked,   costing I suspect more in bank charges than its value. 

Three months later another 12 p appeared,   but this time I sent them a cheque for 6 p,   explaining that I'd deducted reasonable expenses for my time,  given that they hadn't troubled themselves to take notice of my previous request not to be contacted again.

Imagine my surprise when they banked this second cheque.    However,  it did the trick,  and I heard no more.

I'm not proud of myself,   some of these charities of course do worthwhile jobs.   However,  I always now google the pay of the senior executives before parting with donations.   It's nearly always more than enough to stop me sending anything.

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