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[quote user="Lehaut"]Does anybody watch the 'The Expanse'. ? It is on Prime.

Yes, utterly brilliant from the first series. Working our way slowly through the last episodes, Saturday night only and on the big screen.[/quote]

I am so happy.

Yes it is brillant. No film or TV series can compete with The Expanse. It is increadible.

On the big screen it is just geek heaven.

After watching season 5 I am rewatching all the other seasons again. Nearly finished season 2.

The amount of things you miss in season 1 and 2 that relate to season 5 !!!

Very clever stuff.

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For those who don't understand what's going on, this is from yesterday's news:

More than 170 migrants attempted to cross the Channel today with nearly 50 reaching the UK on one of the busiest days of the year so far.

Forty-nine migrants were detained at Dover after crossing the Channel in small boats but 126 were intercepted by the French including 30 who were rescued after their vessel’s engine failed.
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I do not get why they are crossing the channel? And I don't get why they have crossed all of the 'marvellous' EU to get to the coast.

We are currently having enough problems helping those that live here, and anyone who arrives illegally is apparently expecting to be lodged wonderfully and have everything handed on a plate. Unless proved otherwise these people are law breakers.

Why am I so upset about this, because, I regularly give to food banks and help a homeless man and help those I know who are struggling. We are not rich, at all, and need a huge job doing on our house, but this help seems rather more important at the moment. 

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Migrants live in forests, under bridges, get sucked into the drug trade in France. They are spat on. By the state and by the police.

In the Uk they are given a 'kinda' home. Hotel, old army barracks with a bed. It is not great but it is a roof from the rain...I guess.

And then they complain. As I understand.

You know, take your pick. France or the UK.

The UK has to build 300 old homes a day just to keep up with immigration.

That ain't happening is it ?

Surely an old army barracks with a bed and a toilet, dodgy hotel is better than a forest/under a tree/bridge in France or winding up becoming a drug pusher in Paris ?

The EU has turned its back on migrants.

Has the UK ?

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[quote user="BritinBretagne"]Full vaccines? Way ahead of Britain. Three pathetic examples of nothing. They’ve cost you a shed load of money are you happy?[/quote]

So you ask for examples and when you get them they aren't good enough. Think I touched a nerve.

Thing is, you've made a decision in the past to move to France, and as is normal when we make decisions, we look for affirmation of the decision to be correct, in this case, some of that relies on you belittling the UK. Its normal, we do the same when we buy a car, a coat, anything. Are you having that many doubts?

Re vaccines, the Uk has chosen a different strategy to France, and the latest scientific evidence - including comments in support from WTO -suggest that was correct. Our infections and deaths are much improved. France??

And could you provide a source for the data behind your assertion of how much its cost us?
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 Yonner  I reckon most countries are currently in the mire at the moment.

All sorts of figures flying around, chose one and it is like taking a lucky dip when I, at least, was a kid, in this case, one never knows exactly what is true.

We will eventually all find out when we get the bill for it all. [blink]

RE those that cross the channel, if they apply for asylum in France then France has

responsibilities to  treat them with some care, as do all the other EU

countries they have traversed before getting to the coast. 

I think that what appals me the most is the babies and very young children............. just what is the 'game' getting women pregnant in such circumstances.

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