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1st Vaccination slots free this Sunday, 75+ and 50+ with health issues

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Not much use for us who's kids go back to school on Monday. In our case two different schools.

So that is a double whammy for us.

They will meet up with all their mates who have travelled all around France kissing and hugging their family.

Catch their germs and then come home to papa and maman and give them to us.

I hope old people like running the country LOL.

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I understand your point ALBF. 

For us, as of the announcement yesterday, we are supposed to qualify for vaccines as of April.  Over 50 with no comorbidities.  Yet, no appointment slots are open yet.  I presume they are going to wait until April to open up appointments.  Perhaps because they don't yet have enough vaccines to give us all and don't know if they will.

And why oh why is the EU sending vaccines to Australia for God's sake???

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There seems to be a similar shortage of vaccine everywhere.

But it doesn't matter much if many people around here have the same view as the lady next door to us. She is around 80, but still spends a lot of her time at the business she owns, a fairly large branch of a well-known hardware chain, just across the road.

I asked her yesterday if she had been vaccinated. She replied she wasn't getting it done yet, as she feels very well, and will wait and see.

For someone spending a lot of time around her staff and customers, that seems a poor decision, and being well-known in the town she probably influences many others.

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