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Sigh: latest set of attestations de déplacement - April

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Yes, Catalpa, I was waiting for the latest to be confirmed before printing anything.  But I have bought a new toner, partly for this purpose!

My surgeon's sec rang me this afternoon to cancel my op scheduled for 8th April, citing the effects of the new covid regulations,  so I cannot see any other reasons I would have for needing the attestation.  Instead, I did have to do some phone calls (sigh, me and phones...) cancelled the VSL and cancelled the PCR appointment.

NOT sorry about the PCR appointment as I loathe the test but very sorry about everything else.  I don't disagree with the decision though, must be other people more in need of medical services than I am. 

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Perhaps I'm missing something, I often do but— I see little difference, in fact none; in someone needing intensive care to save their life suffering from Covid and someone suffering something else that is also life threatening. both need ICU but Covid appears to get priority every time. As I say I may be missing something but I would have thought when treatment to save life is needed then it is first come first served!! Covid or otherwise.
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Yes, I agree putting non covid with covid patients wouldn't be a good idea.

My understanding though is that most ICUs are individual and separate rooms.

Back to square one, just why are covid patients, apparently, given priority when it comes to ICU treatment?

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