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New thread about vaccine appointments

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[quote user="Catalpa"]
John Lichfield, used to be the Independent's France correspondence (in the days when the Independent was worthwhile) and has been a French and Europe commentator for years.

He now does a round up of Covid and vaccinations in France generally, twice a week via Twitter. Even if you're not on Twitter, I think you can still read his contributions. They're invariably concise, factual, blunt and worth reading. This is today's.


Here is today's Lichfield vaccine roundup from Twitter. It makes better reading... there's no doubt that France is (at last) increasing its daily vaccination rate.

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The doctorlib site has appointments available from mid April when we (aged 65 but without comorbidities ) are eligible to be vaccinated but at the moment I can’t make an appointment because it only lets you proceed if you have co-morbidities - or am I doing something wrong ?

We are on waiting lists with several local pharmacies but each time I check ‘ no, we have no vaccines and none coming next week ‘. When I originally asked our surgery if they were doing vaccinations I was told ‘no’ but apparently now they are. Presumably I was supposed to keep calling, blocking the line and irritating the admin person in case the situation changed ? And the idea that now it is a priority to get all older people vaccinated and they will be given a special number to call ........!

Why aren’t local salle de fêtes being used , why don’t they ask for admin volunteers ? Why, why, why for so many aspects. Presumably they will wait for the promised large quantities of vaccines to arrive and then start thinking about how to distribute and administer them ?

A few more days or weeks delay don’t matter do they ?!!!

And the confinement - Macron, the Connexion and the BBC said it was starting from Saturday evening but the French govt website said saturday morning unless I read it incorrectly !!! Inter regional travel is permitted over Saturday and Sunday but the local papers say gendarmes will be tolerant of travel on Monday !!!!!!

P.S.I did try to leave gaps between points but they disappeared every time I looked at the preview so apologies for the long rant !

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[quote user="anotherbanana"]A solution to the unused dose problem:


That's great for the Belgians.  Makes much more sense than telling people to go hang out at vaccinations locations in the hope that there MIGHT be some no shows to allow for extra doses.

The Army centers are a good idea too.  They need more than just those noted in the link (perhaps not just Army).

I mean there are several very large Hospitals within walking distance to us.  They have expansive outdoor grounds where I would think tents could be set up to administer vaccines.  Haven't seen or heard of that happening here.  I've seen the roaming vans that go from town to town, but haven't even seen that in these parts for a while and they don't have the capacity of a large tent or tens set up at a hospital.

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You may well be right Judith - not being "on the ground" as it were any more I don't really know what the situation is - other perhaps than being "difficile" or perhaps "sensible".    TF1 suggested it was the panacea for those wanting the best search system for vaccines but maybe they were exaggerating.....

Really do feel for those having all this frustration,   and hope that the French vaccination programme gets up a bit of steam soon,   things do seem to be improving slowly.    Bon courage to all of you.

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[quote user="Martin963"]TF1 suggested it was the panacea for those wanting the best search system for vaccines but maybe they were exaggerating...[/quote]
If it was featured on TF1 a day or two ago, that may be why there are no appointments atm. If I were in need of a first vaccine appointment, I'd check daily - after the first 'rush' is over, in a week or so, say, it may be a good source of appointments.

I've just checked Manche and Calvados and while I'd have to travel between 20 mins and an hour depending on choice of venue, there are appointments in Manche available this week and in Calvados from 17 April.

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Bravo, GG, giving us such a useful link[:D]

That really is a nifty little tool; can't bear the thought of any of that precious liquid going to waste.

When I went for my jab, it was in a centre that had only been opened for 4 days and the doctor told me they'd already had a number of no-shows.  Surely there can't be that number of people who have sudden events in their lockdown lives that prevent them from keeping such an important RV; without having even the couple of minutes required to cancel?

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