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Have any Total Energies customers here received an email re. Cheque-Energie today?


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I just received an email purporting to be from Total Energies (ex Total Direct Energie, ex Direct Energie), our electricity supplier, telling me that our account has just been credited with a Cheque-Energie.

However, the cheque for this year was credited to our account back in April, and the full amount has already been used.

The email is an exact copy of one received in April, when the company was called Total Direct Energie, with just the name and logo changed. It includes our correct TE/TDE/DE account number, and refers to the same sum as the cheque as the April email.

I checked the Cheque-Energie site, and there is no mention of any cheques being issued at any other time than last April.

I have contacted TE about this via their web site,. and put the email in quarantine (obviously without clicking on any links) while awaiting their reply.

Have any TE customers on here received a similar email?

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Thanks Norman and Lehaut. It's logical that it only applies to those who are eligible for Cheque Energie.

I have received the following reply to my online query to TE:

Référence Client : XXXXXXXXX

Bonjour Mr NOMOSS,


vous informe qu'il s'agit d'un dysfonctionnement technique propre à nos

services et pour lequel je vous présente mes sincères excuses au nom de


Rassurez-vous, cet incident est actuellement en cours de résolution.

Merci de votre compréhension.

Bonne journée,

Kevin, service clientèle TotalEnergies

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