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It's Hobson's Choice for some apparently!


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Get vaccinated and keep your job?  I would have thought it was a no-brainer but apparently some medical professionals do not appear to agree!


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Thank you for reproducing Wooly's link as I missed it the first time around.  However, some of the conditions at the time of the article are now no longer relevant.  For example, the protests are certainly NOT increasing in numbers.

What does puzzle me is the antipathy from health professionals.  They already have to take certain obligatory vaccines, eg the anti tetanus one, amongst others.  They have been on the front line; they have seen how covid kills in a nasty way, they have had to work their socks off to keep people alive.  Are they not worried about catching the virus?  Do they not think, in the midst of protesting that they want to be free, that they are certainly NOT at liberty (that over-used and often wrongly understood word) to pass the virus on to their patients?

As for the doctor in my link who has simply closed her cabinet and said she didn't know what would her patients do now and what would happen to them, has she forgotten what the basic tenets of the Hippocratic Oath say about protecting patients and preventing ill health?

I did have a couple of ambulanciers who used to go on about their so-called liberty and were adamant about not wanting the vaccine.  Of course, they have now had to eat their words.  Then my gardener told me he had a cousin who is a kiné and does not intend to get vaccinated until after her 1 month grace period when she would be suspended because she quite fancied a break from work....(rolled eyes and went speechless)

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Although this article is from my local paper, there is much interesting information that will apply to other regions of France


As tomorrow is the last day for compliance before sanctions apply, there has been quite a bit about it on the tv news.  An infectiologue has said that if you didn't want to get vaccinated, then it's time to get another job.

It's a tricky subject and admittedly controversial but, as someone who is unfortunately in need of a lot of clinical care, I admire the government for being firm and not wishy-washy.

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It is a very difficult situation - and I can understand why some people do not want the vaccination.   After all, we do not belong the State - and the State really should not be making this compulsory - but I understand the government's side of the argument as well.
However, I also (sorry !) read the UK papers; the UK has made much the same decision - and the abuse that is being directed at the UK government over the compulsory aspect for some health workers to have this vaccination is unbelievable.   Many posters on newspaper forums can't see that other countries are taking a similar stand about the vaccination.
I don't like the compulsory nature; if the government can't make a case that everyone supports then maybe there is a cause for people's anxiety.   What really annoys me though is that, as with the 'Insulate Britain' - the number of 'protestors' who say they would rather lose their jobs is a bit of an insult to the tax payer - because such people are then going to claim state benefits - OUR money.   So they choose to put their lives at risk, other people's lives at risk, lose their jobs - and then expect those whose lives they put at risk to end up paying for them not working !!
It's a strange old world isn't it ?

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